Nov. 5th, 5pm EST

Details Below...

Get ready for something we have never done before! Handmade Necklaces and Bracelets made using vintage Rolex Spoons to create a piece of wearable History.

The Necklace chain is a 4mm stainless steel cuban style. It will never tarnish or cause skin irritation. As for the bracelet... it features a complex design with small pearls inside the chain. It is a high quality rhodium plated chain that gives it a bright yet matte shine.

Be sure to join the list because we are only dropping 100 necklaces and JUST 15 bracelets...

The design of the necklace pendant is randomized, above are the 4 most common but there will be 6 other rare designs that you could potentially get. 

Thank you for joining us in the celebration of art, jewelry, and history. See you Nov. 5th at 5pm EST!