August 28th, 5pm EST

Mona Lisa Ring 2:

Calling all creatives, artists, deep thinkers! I designed these rings with the idea - "Theres beauty in the smallest of details" I've recently been focusing on paying closer attention to things in life (films, nature, patterns, movement, ect.) One day I was admiring Da Vinci's art, especifically the Mona Lisa. I started to zoom in and see how amazing the patterns were on her dress and how impressive it is that Leonardo painted it. Without further ado... the Mona Lisa Ring, may you be reminded to slow down and admire the details more in life while wearing this ring. *Coming August 28th @5pm EST*


Mona Lisa Ring 1:

Past, Present, Future. Unity & Strength, this is what the 3 interlocking circles represent. We designed this ring over six different times, I wanted it to be perfect and show more meaning. On the sixth try I added the knotted rope as the band of the ring to show eternal love, with both sides being tied. As you can see both these patterns reflected in Mona Lisa's dress. May you feel like your highest self, be grounded in the moment and have complete self love while you wear this ring.