June 26th, 5pm EST

LA Skyline Ring:

Have you ever dreamt about being on the big screen or maybe becoming a world renowned musician? Literally whatever your dream may be LA has a way to accomplish it, after 8 months of designing, going back and forth, trail and error... I can happily say it is PERFECTED, I still get chills every time I put on. If you really want to manifest your dreams and feel inspired everyday to chase your aspirations THIS IS THE RING FOR YOU! *Coming June 26th @5pm EST*



Crescent moons have always been my favorite. Observed by the naked eye and all you can admire is the sliver of light. My grandpa once told me: “We’re all like crescent moons, we show the world whatever we want it to see (the light) and hide everything else we don’t like in the dark.” Express yourself, who cares what someone might think of the REAL you. May this ring remind you to be your whole hearted true self and accept your past, present, future as one! Just LOVE YOU, because you are a badass! 

(Oh, Did I mention it glows in the dark… enough said)