How It's Made

A Step-By-Step Walkthrough

Step #1 - IDEA PHASE 

The initial idea usually comes from something we feel will inspire you. We get inspiration from traveling, music, pop culture, retro designs, fashion, or iconic images. Before it goes on to the Design Phase every concept goes through two questions, “Is it original?” and “How will this inspire someone else?”   


This is the longest process. It takes on average 5-7 months designing and redesigning an idea until we feel it is worthy of the Brand Pierre name. We usually cancel 50% of all ideas at this phase. 

STEP #3 – CAD 

Converting our design to a CAD software ensure accuracy of the design for production. We send this to a company in Italy to perfect each ring.


We source our prototypes in both New York and the LA Fashion Distrcits. They specialize in converting the CAD design to a hand sculpted wax or metal sample.

Step #5 – REDESIGN

About 8 out of 10 rings are redesigned after we inspect the prototype. Until we are holding a physical ring, we are not sure how it will look and feel. Then we repeat Steps 2-5.


Each ring must be made in wax first. This process happens when hot wax is injected into a rubber mold. 


A Silver Smith will painstakingly create a “tree” of wax rings. This is one of the most difficult processes because any errors here will show up when the ring is cast.

Step #8 – CASTING

The wax tree is heated up and melted away while the molten metal (stainless steel or sterling silver) is poured into a metal flask holding the “tree”.

Step #9 – GRINDING

After the metal has cooled, we now have to cut each ring off the “tree” and grind them by hand. All the left-over metal is recycled.

Step #10 – FILING

There are many stages of grinding and filing to make the ring blemish free.  

Step #11 – POLISHING

Each ring is polished by hand. If errors are found it must go through Steps 9 and 10 again.


For our Sterling Silver (S925) rings we put a Rhodium Plating on them to minimize any oxidation that naturally occures from using sterling.


There is one final “White Glove” inspection where any ring that does not meet our high standards gets melted down and recycled.

Step #14 – PACKAGING

We have custom designed our packaging to have the lowest impact on the environment. The rings are placed in their packages ready to be sent to you.

Step #15 – SHIPPING

After your order is placed it is hand picked by one of our employees and sent to you with love.

The total process from start to finish is a minimum of 8 to 10 months.