You're laying on the beach, the warm sand rejuvenating you like a hug from the universe, in the near distance you hear the oceans soothing collapse as it fills your soul, the sky is a dreamy radiant blue of endless possibilities, your Piña Colada slowly melting while you sit there ever so still in complete bliss. Not a problem in the world, nor a worry in your mind... and in that moment, you're Free.

HAWAII Collection: May 1st, 5pm EST

Whats Coming:

  1. Aloha Flower Stacker Ring (in Gold & Silver)
  2. The Day Dreamer's Spinning Ring (Plumeria Flower)
  3. Euphoria Ring (a Stainless Steel Masterpiece of Flowers)
  4. Tropical Dream (3 Flowers - Sterling Silver)

* These Rings will be marked 20-30% OFF for the first week of release! *

(Example: Stacker Price-$39... Price for the first week-$25) (Example B: Hawaii Skyline Price-$50... Price for the first week-$39)
Reach out to us on the contact page or email -  with any questions :)